About Our Company


“We provide safety and industrial hygiene professionals whose performance and work product meets each Client’s specific needs.” 


  “To consistently exceed the Client’s expectations.”


Safety Advantage is based in the Beltway Plaza Building, Suite 102, at 15201 East Freeway in Channelview, Texas.  The company was formed in 1990 at a time when many Texas businesses were searching for help in building practical, effective safety programs.  Many could no longer afford workers’ compensation insurance and had opted to non-subscribe from the state’s workers’ compensation system. 

Without the statutory on-the-job injury liability protection provided by workers’ compensation, these employers found themselves in an especially “exposed” situation.  As non-subscribers, their need for maintaining safe and accident-free workplaces escalated to an urgent priority. 

Along with the additional liability came an opportunity — to take direct control of in-house safety and accident prevention activities in ways that significantly reduced incidents, injuries and losses.  The average result was dramatic.  Companies that had literally been driven out of the workers’ compensation system due to injury losses that were out of control found that they could achieve incredible reductions of as much as 75% to 95% through dedicated in-house safety.   This included reducing the frequency and severity of on-the-job injuries, raising morale at all levels of the organization, and improving quality of products and services.

Safety Advantage is proud of the successes we have helped all of our Clients realize – non-subscribers and subscribers alike.  As the Texas workers’ compensation market consistently improved,  and as rates became much more competitive for employers with good safety records and low loss runs, many non-subscribers have returned to the system. 

Today, a majority of our Clients are subscribers to workers’ compensation.   The priority of safety, in-house accident prevention and incident response has not changed.  If anything, it is more important than ever if improvements in Texas workers’ compensation are to continue.

Safety Advantage has grown to an organization of management and support staff working in coordination with a cadre of Certified Safety Professionals, Certified Industrial Hygienists, bilingual and special-skills trainers. 

This organization and teamwork among project management, professional and support staff help ensure that Clients in a specialized industry will be supported by qualified consultants and on-site associates. 

When we are directly responsible for managing on-site safety programs, the Client can have confidence that they are supported by back-up as well as primary assignment personnel.  

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