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Resources – Supporting Each Client’s Program

Safety Advantage brings a range & depth of support resources to every Client & project, including:

  • DSCN0012 sa posterDigital photos & PowerPoint presentations to support written confirmation & underwriting inspection reports. These are tools for communicating to Supervisors & Employees what is RIGHT as well as specific items or situations that require attention. People look at & remember pictures long after the written report is filed away. And insurance underwriters believe what they see more than what they are promised.
  • More than 2,000 videos & coordinated training resources are available to all Clients for use as needed & to help build in-house New-Hire orientations, Supervisor & Employee training options. These resources coordinate with the Client’s site-specific written safety programs & accident prevention plans.
  • Custom & semi-custom videos, online and on DVD, with interactive components as required. Script development is coordinated with experienced safety and adult learning specialists. Video content shows your company’s or industry’s workplace, emphasizing hazards and safe work priorities much more effectively than generic videos. For multi-location operations, custom video is your most cost-effective way to effectively communicate with New-Hires, Supervisors, Employees & Site Visitors.
  • English / Spanish resources are essential for workplaces where some Employees have Spanish as their primary language. These help address OSHA’s current initiative to ensure that Employers provide necessary safety orientation & training in language that the worker understands.
  • Internet-based Client desktops & calendars are an easy-to-use tool to help each Client coordinate, schedule & track their in-house safety components, resources & activities. Share written programs, policies, investigation photos & reports, large PowerPoint and video files online using a password-protected and Secure Access SSL certified online desktop.
  • OSHA / accident / incident response protocols are always available to give immediate Client support & coordination in the event of an OSHA intervention, serious accident or injury. These are times when everyone in the chain must do the right thing, from the Employee to Supervisors, in-house Safety Coordinator & Management. Safety Advantage is available for on-call assistance in emergencies & unannounced OSHA inspections. This includes providing parallel monitoring if OSHA comes on-site to investigate an industrial hygiene issue.
  • Coordinated monthly photo posters & Target Safety tools for safety awareness help keep safety priorities on everyone’s mind. These are posters that show actual situations at the Client’s workplace — showing & encouraging good examples while highlighting specific problems so that each Supervisor & Employee can remain watchful & aware.
  • New Hire Orientations can make the difference between compliance & liability in a number of core safety areas. We help Clients establish orientations & training that coordinates with their own unique safety programs, policies & work procedures. The process underscores the importance of individual responsibility & “watching out for each other.”
  • Competent Person & Train-the-Trainer Programs are required by OSHA for specific industrial & construction activities. Examples include forklift operator certification; operator training for cranes, hoists & rigging; lockout / tagout training for authorized persons; respiratory protection, personal protective equipment, hazard communication, confined space, excavation & fall protection training. We help Clients build in-house skills & options for providing these mandatory trainings & certifications as required.
  • Behavior-based driving safety programs address one of the leading causes of death in most workplaces — motor vehicle accidents. When Employees use a motor vehicle in the course & scope of their employment, the Employer has a moral & legal responsibility to establish rules, safety procedures & basic qualifications for these drivers. This is SIMPLE & ESSENTIAL — especially when it comes time for insurance renewals & underwriting consideration.
  • Motivation & behavior-based safety encompasses a proven approach to bringing safety awareness & responsibilities to the individual Employee. The Safety Advantage approach does NOT add extra work or complications to take advantage of behavior-based concepts. Instead, these are integrated into routine, every-day activities. Again, safety is “part of the job”.
  • Special services for Workers Compensation Nonsubscribers in Texas, including on-site consulting, supervisor & key person training, safety and compliance program development, incident & injury response procedures, medical provider protocols, & independent third-party safety validations.