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NOTE:  Some videos available in English and Spanish, as indicated.
Written materials are available in English only. All Safety Advantage videos are on DVD


(English or Spanish) (1 hour 47 min.) $795.
Explains the essentials of evacuations, precautions to take, and what to do in case of an emergency. Although designed for large hotels and multi-level buildings, it can be adapted to any size facility. This is a blue ray DVD
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(English or Spanish) (1 hour 5 min.) $795.
Trains all employees on bomb threats, emergency action procedures, what to
look for, actions employees and management can take to reduce the impact of
real or fake bomb threats. Each facility’s emergency evacuation procedures
will complement this training.
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English (12 min.) $175.
Short Service Employee (Who is Covered Under the Short Service Employee Program) is an employee or sub-contractor employee with less than six months experience in the same job or with his/her present employer. The purpose of the Short Service Employee (SSE) Management program is to prevent work related injuries and illnesses to new hires and temporary workers. The Supervisors and co-workers must be able to readily identify Short Service Employee participants. Short-service employees may be more vulnerable to accidents and injuries at work specifically because of their unfamiliarity with work situations and environments, as well as potential hazards and abnormal operating conditions.
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(English) (24 min.) $175.
Designs the basic structure and function of the Incident Command System which can be used at any size incident. The ICS is nationally recognized as the best emergency management system.
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(English or Spanish) (12 min.) $125
Hexavalent chromium is used for the production of stainless steel, textile dyes, wood preservation, leather tanning, and as anti-corrosion and conversion coatings as well as a variety of niche uses. Chromium hexavalent (CrVI) compounds, often called hexavalent chromium, exist in several forms. Industrial uses of hexavalent chromium compounds include chromate pigments in dyes, paints, inks, and plastics; chromates added as anticorrosive agents to paints, primers, and other surface coatings; and chromic acid electroplated onto metal parts to provide a decorative or protective coating. Hexavalent chromium can also be formed when performing “hot work” such as welding on stainless steel or melting chromium metal. In these situations the chromium is not originally hexavalent, but the high temperatures involved in the process result in oxidation that converts the chromium to a hexavalent state.(29 CFR OSHA General Industry 1910)
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(English) (9 min.) $175.
Almost all of us use a vehicle to get to and from work each day. We never think twice about driving our car or truck on the road. In reality this may be the most dangerous part of your day. Over one third of on-the-job fatalities are the result of motor vehicle accidents. There are up to 40,000 people killed in motor vehicle accident annually in the United States.
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(English) (17 min.) $175.
Stop Work Authority starts with the company. After the initiative is adopted and implemented, senior management must support, promote and stand behind it. Authority should be made part of the safety, health and environment protection policy statement signed by the CEO or company owner. This is the policy that establishes the authority, responsibilities and personal obligation for each employee to stop work due to a safety concern without the threat of penalty, reprisal or intimidation. The program, management’s strong support and how it works must be clearly communicated to all employees during new hire orientations, specialized and ongoing training, employee and subcontractor presentations, safety and pre-work meetings
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(English) (11 min.) $275
The exact definition of a near miss varies from one industry to another and from company to company. Some definitions are very narrow in scope, while others are very broad and more inclusive.
S.T.A.R.T. defines a Near Miss as:
A near miss is an incident that has the potential to cause serious injury or property damage.
Remember — Today’s near miss may be tomorrow’s disaster and LUCK may be the difference between a HIT and a miss .Identifying near miss incidents is the first step in a proactive safety management system. The “Safety Pyramid” is widely accepted by most safety professionals. Depending on the source, for every major accident there have been 200 to 300 minor incidents which include Near Misses, minor injuries and minor property damage.
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