Subcontractor Safety

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Concrete_operations_WEB_2Subcontractor Safety

that protects Workers & the General Contractor through POSITIVE PROACTION that fits easily into each day’s work

Hardhat_sticker_SMALLER_web This five-step program makes construction safety & OSHA compliance simple, intuitive &  real
It saved one Client $120,000 on insurance renewals.
Workers on the job site like it because it makes sense.Site Superintendents appreciate the ease, resources & direct support when needed. This is construction safety for all the right reasons. It targets Worker & Subcontractor safety behaviors & peer influences. At the same time it helps the General Contractor be more aware & responsive to hazards & unsafe conditions on the project site. The benefits are obvious & many immediate. There is no charge for an initial assessment of YOUR company or organization. Please call 713-977-5690 or 800-960-1239 on send us an email for a confidential online initial assessment.

A Simple, Step-by-Step Program


  • On-site profile of Client’s work site
  • Accident, injury and loss experience
  • Types of work, tasks, materials, equipment & vehicles used at project
  • Potential hazards specific to the project location
  • OSHA construction safety standards and best practices
  • Any related requirements (special permits, project standards)
  • Review of Subcontractors’ safety programs, training & competent persons
  • High resolution digital color photos to document site safety compliance


  • Write individual Standards of Safety for the General Contractor
  • Assist Subcontractors as an independent third party
  • Provide easy-to-use Site Safety Checks for Site Superintendents
  • Write customized Project Safety Management Plan
  • All programs and resources delivered as MS Word documents on CD


  • On-site initial orientation for Site Superintendent & key persons
  • Site safety management and leadership strategies
  • Strategies for performing effective safety walk-around inspections
  • Accident/near miss investigation skills for Site Superintendents
  • Incident response priorities and procedures
  • Key points about injury/illness claims and workers’ compensation
  • How to use routine insurance inspections to get underwriting considerations
  • Use site profile to obtain underwriting considerations
  • Easy in-house methods for documenting safety preventive maintenance, incidents & near misses
  • Web-based, password protected Client “desktop” for managing the safety program
  • Safety Advantage Matrix to organize and present safety results for insurance discounts
  • Safety Advantage confirmations for insurance carriers, host employers, bid prospects & franchise administrators
  • 30-Second Safety Checks that integrate safety with routine work activities


  • Written modules and supervisor outlines backed by videos with brief, to-the-point safety awareness quizzes or exercises.
  • Full-color, customized photo posters presenting 12 months of visual awareness that coordinate with & continue awareness about specific key elements of the employer’s safety programs, policies and procedures.
  • A schedule of train-the-trainer & competent  person workshops open to managers, supervisors, human resources staff & in-house safety coordinators.
  • A library of web-based safety handouts about a range of industry-specific & task-specific topics – available to Clients for use in special project, remedial & refresher training
  • Topic training in English & Spanish from a library of resources that fit YOUR job site
  • 1-800 Help Line assistance in selecting special training topics and methods are needed to meet OSHA, owner & insurance priorities


  • 24-7 assistance with OSHA interventions, accidents & insurance claims
  • Rapid repsonse from an experienced consultant & technician for OSHA inspections – including “parallel monitoring” if OSHA starts taking industrial hygiene samples
  • Confidential online review of safety, incidents & claims
  • Safety trend analysis & annual review of the Client’s full program (as recommended by OSHA & in accordance with standard underwriting criteria for insurance companies)