Target Safety


A component of the S.T.A.R.T. Safety Management System

Safe Today And Return Tomrrow

Target Safety is a program of daily toolbox safety meetings that also provides safety awareness, coordinated training, a Last Minute Risk Assessment, and individual sign-ins for Participants.  The daily 5-10 minute safety training covers topics required by OSHA, as well as ISNetword, T-RAVS, PICS, PEC and other third party auditing requirements for contractors.


·   Each crew gets a week of pre-planned daily meetings in a weatherproof package, keeping implementations simple, easily managed & fully documented

·   Customized to each Client’s workplace operations & host employer requirements

·   UP, DOWN & AROUND Last Minute Risk Assessment tool confirms that individual employees are actively aware of each day’s tasks, potential hazards & safe work procedures

·   3-part NCR sheets give immediate copies for Client’s safety and project files, with an extra for host employers and  general contractors

·   Target Safety training topics & content are specifically designed to meet host employer & general contractor requirements during RAVS, PICS, PEC & other third-party audits